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Buy-side Advisory in Healthcare Services

  • Location: Southeastern United States
  • Sectors: Healthcare Services, Health Insurance
  • Ownership: Privately Held
  • Situation Type: Buy-Side Mandate for Large Southeastern-Based Health Plan

Company Overview:

Leading provider of health insurance, third party administrative services, and other ancillary services.


Brookline was engaged by the company to assist in the identification and execution of acquisition opportunities across various healthcare sectors.

Brookline's Tailored Approach:

Brookline surveyed the national landscape for tangential businesses for acquisition consideration. Brookline identified businesses that would support the company's growth outside of its region or deliver new revenues streams. Brookline identified opportunities that could also provide additional or superior services to the company's existing member base, improve the company's competitive position, and extend/support the continuum of care in its primary market.


Brookline has supported the Company is it evaluation of companies across various segments of the healthcare industry, including health insurance, health plan administration, health care and diagnostic services, consumer directed account administration, among others.

Follow-Up Note: Brookline has also supported the Company's evaluation of industry partnerships and revenue share opportunity to drive incremental top line revenue for the organization.

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